1. Comprehensive understanding of the essay question

It is very important to interpret the essay question in a comprehensive manner. The essay question contains both obvious and not so obvious areas that require thorough research and analysis. It could also be a good practice to re-write the question in different words to understand its exact meaning. The scope of the required answer and the necessary inclusions and exclusions are also stated in the question; that is if not in a direct manner than definitely in an indirect manner. The student is expected to answer the question in full, meaning that the answer should contain an overall understanding of the subject as well as a specific understanding of the subject area highlighted in the question.

For instance, in the subject of UK constitutional laws consider this question: Would it be enough to share the rights of participation with the Backbenchers? This is a question asked on basis of the assumption that sharing rights would give the Backbenchers an opportunity to present themselves in a new role.

This is not a question which will have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and as a matter of fact none of the essay questions are stated with an expectation of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. In order to answer the above question, the student is required to study the exact rights of the Backbenchers as stated by the House of Commons and House of Lords. It would also make sense to lay emphasis on the privileges that the members other than the backbenchers, enjoy in the parliament. It is only after understanding the entire scenario that the research writer can reach a specific conclusion or a specific point of view. Once this is done, the research writer can frame an answer with a comprehensive outlook towards the subject.

  1. Develop a reading list

Usually, the required reading list is mentioned below the essay question. However, this is not always the case. So, if the reading list is not mentioned then the student should visit the college library to gather resources. This does not mean that a student is expected to read entire books on the subject and only then begin to answer the question. This means that the student should search for a specific answer and in doing so collate, analyze and interpret data from the library resources such as scholarly articles in journals and specific chapters of the book.

Once the question is understood, it is important to define the scope of the expected answer. The answer should be given within the word limit mentioned in the essay question. In reaching the required word limit the research writer should keep in mind that essay quality does not depend on the word limit. The essay quality depends on the quality of research done by the student or research writer. Hence, the student should maintain a habit to form reading lists while a subject is taught in college. A reading list or list of references can prove to be of substantial importance when the research work is initiated by the student. The research work can be considered satisfactory only when the student is successful in referring to books and articles of acute relevance. The student can increase the relevance of the reference material with the content written in the essay by using adequate referencing standards. A well-researched essay has its own qualities and it definitely shines due to its uniqueness.

  1. Use of original thoughts

Students should also consider the fact that essay writing is not about being wordy. Academic essay writing is of so much importance for the faculties because they expect the student to not only understand the subject but also interpret it in an intelligent manner. Writing is one skill which allows the students to explain their understanding of a particular subject in an elaborate and authentic manner. The ability to write is the true measure of a student’s caliber because firstly, writing is not an easy skill as it requires lot of concentration and understanding of the subject matter, and secondly, writing itself teaches the student about various important aspects of the subject. Writing an essay is not just about receiving a good grade; the essay also signifies the understanding of students about the world around them. The intellect of students is developed due to their practice to read, understand and interpret the subject in a concise manner by following the necessary style guide.

  1. Analysis of arguments

It is important to analyze the arguments of authors, who have approached the subject before us. Every author presents a unique perspective towards the subject. The ability of the researcher to bring a deeper insight in the subject will be enhanced by reading different points of view mentioned by each author. In forming insights it is necessary to analyze each argument in the light of the knowledge gained from the subject. After the successful analysis of each argument, the research writer should focus on establishing a new point of view. Once this new view is established, the research writer can then begin to prove this view by making new arguments. In doing so, the student can use available data, statistics and references in the most effective manner.

For instance: the essay question could be identify and analyze 3 possible technological solutions to improve the global warming scenario.

In answering this question, the student will study the currently available technologies and the damage done to the Earth by the global warming phenomenon. The student will essentially also study the work of authors who have conducted research on a similar topic. The student will then establish a unique point of view and having established the new view, the student will then begin writing arguments in support of that view. Finally the student will write an appropriate conclusion in support of the arguments made in the essay.

Essay writing is an effort made by collective use of skills namely: reading, referencing, research, interpretation and writing. Usually, there is also a distinction between all skills meaning that the student’s contribution or performance in each skill helps the faculty in deciding the appropriate grade. Thus, you can write an impressive essay by focusing on developing a skill-set of collective qualities and also by developing the above mentioned 4 tips. The resultant essay will certainly amaze your professor.

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