In theory, writers don’t need much more than a pen, some paper, and good ideas! However, the writing profession is becoming more and more demanding and so writers do need to have a few modern day essentials on hand in order to continue their writing profession in a competitive field. Here are some essential pieces of equipment and supplies that are essential for successful, serious writers.

First, every writer should have a computer. There are so many different computer options available in stores like Best Buy and Apple, so you should be able to find something that works for your needs and your budget. Really all you need is a computer with Internet capabilities and a word processor. You can buy a traditional desktop computer, however there are also more convenient and portable options available that will allow you to take your work anywhere with you. Consider buying a laptop, mini laptop, or even a tablet! Tablets can actually be a great idea for writers since they can easily be attached to a small keyboard, just like a laptop. Plus you can often buy them at a much more affordable price than a laptop with all the same functions and sometimes even more!

Once you have your laptop you will need to set up Internet access in your home. Although some writers choose to take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots at local restaurants and coffee shops, it is much more reliable to have your own personal Wireless Internet for home use at all times. This will allow you to do important research, share your writing on a blog or social media platform, and send emails to other writers, publishers and work opportunities.

Another must have for any writer is a printer. You will often need to print hard copies of your writing for editing purposes, submissions, and for various other reasons. Printers are relatively inexpensive, and some will even come as a bonus with a computer or laptop purchase. Select a black ink printer in order to save money up front as well as on ink cartridge costs since colored ink is significantly more expensive than black ink. Some printers also offer a faxing option like OnlineFaxService so that you can easily fax documents or contracts to employers or other writers.

Finally, it is good to have some traditional office supplies on hand. It is wise to have a notepad and pens available to you so that you can easily jot down ideas or even sketch an idea or image without the use of a computer. In addition, buy some highlighters and post-it notes for editing purposes to help you easily locate information or where changes need to be made.

As a writer, you do not need any fancy equipment to get the job done. Purchasing a simple computer, a printer, wireless Internet access, and some office supply basics will properly prepare you as a writer. As long as you can maintain communications with employers and have a way to store, print and send your writing pieces you will be in business!