Closeup of University Student Writing EssayArgumentative essays are just as important as any other form of essay, or even a step further since it takes up the task of proving a particular point to a group of people who opposes that same point.

Being able to argue logically and reasonably without making a mess are clearly the first thing to be kept while writing an Argumentative essay, but there are also a list of other things as well that needs to be lined up to make sure that the message is sent across loud and clear.

Chose a debatable topic – You cannot argue about anything which doesn’t make any sense. There needs to be a purpose for your argument and that purpose has to do a lot with the chosen topic. Picking a random topic that comes across is not going to work and while selecting your point, make sure that you have the space and scope of debating about it.

Don’t jump ship – one of the biggest mistakes that could happen to Argumentative essays is leaning against your argument. If you are presenting a credible point, stick to that point and be strong about your views. If the writer shows weakness and doubts about his belief, the reader is sure to feel the same in a much bigger effect and that is not something you’ll want as an after effect.

Expose the other side – An essence of a great argument comes out pretty well if you are able to expose the weakness of the other side. The point you took a stance for might not be that strong at all times in those cases, if you are able to show that the other side is weaker, then that would count as a victory in the argument.

Get the facts right – There is a need of proving your point again and again during the essay and the reader might not believe things just because you wrote it down on paper. There should be an ample amount of facts to back up your argument. These help to convey the message in a better manner, but you should also avoid the essay from being overloaded with facts. No one would want an essay full of mathematical figures so keeping a limit on the facts would be a great idea as well.

The planning process – Pattern is the key here. Just throwing in random facts and random word here isn’t going to make a good essay and it requires some systematic planning.

The first thing that needs to be done in the planning process is obviously picking a good topic. Once you pick that, then the next step to be done is developing a thesis about the same. Choose your position wisely and let the thesis build around that position.

Then comes the development of these points. A good amount of research is to be done about the stance and collect a lot of supporting evidence that would make it easier to get the message through. Once all the supporting points for the stance is found, the next step should be exposing the opponent’s weaknesses and that too with supporting evidence.

A well-executed plan with all these factors is sure to bring out a great Argumentative essay and once all that is done, get the revision done two or three times to make sure that no voids are left for the other side to explore.

Once again, the entire credibility of the essay relies on your arguments, so keep those arguments logical and reasonable and avoid silly stuff at all costs since it could make the whole thing lose its intended seriousness.

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